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Oct 12 2010

Hoel Engineering Ltd regrets to announce the passing of its founding father, Erik Hoel

His kind-manner and practical engineering skills are needed elsewhere. He will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him.

Mar 30 2010

Hoel Engineering Ltd awarded Prestige Resort and Marina civil contract.

Hoel Engineering has been awarded the civil contract for the new Prestige Resort and Marina to be constructed in Sooke.

Jun 15 2006

Erik Hoel, P.Eng announces his semi-retirement from Hoel Engineering Ltd.

Erik has provided over 50 years of excellent service to his Clients and the community. Erik will be available on a part-time basis for select Clients.

Jun 15 2006

Ritchie Smith, EIT, MSc completes his EIT program and application to APEGBC for professional licensing as P.Eng.

Hoel Engineering Ltd would like to congratulate Ritchie on his accomplishments.

Mar 24 2005

Hoel Engineering Ltd opens for business on the Islands.

Hoel Engineering Ltd now provides engineering services to clients on Pender, Mayne, Galiano, and Salt Spring Islands. We would like to thank Ritchie for his great customer service to our structural Clients on the Islands.

Aug 30 2004

Hoel Engineering Ltd celebrates 10-years of service to Butchart Gardens.

Hoel Engineering would like to thank the people at Butchard Gardens for their continued support.

Jun 15 2004

Hoel Engineering Ltd associate gets technical paper published.

Hoel Engineering congratulates Ritchie Smith for his outstanding achievement in getting his Technical Paper “The Performance of Solar Powered Internally Illuminated Night Delineators” published.

Apr 02 2004

Hoel Engineering Ltd proud of Canadian Springs Water Project.

Hoel Engineering completes its civil contract for the Canadian Springs Water Companys’ production plant in Langford BC. Hoel would like to thank Perma Construction, the City of Langford, and all the consultants for the great work in making the project a success.

Mar 08 2004

Hoel Engineering Ltd awarded Lordco Auto Parts civil contract.

Hoel Engineering has been awarded the civil contract for the new Lordco Auto Parts retail store to be constructed at Jacklin and Station Road in the City of Langford, BC.

Jan 02 2004

Hoel Engineering Ltd awarded Slegg Lumber structural contract.

Hoel Engineering has been awarded the structural contract for the new Slegg Lumber Warehouse and retail store in Nanaimo BC.

Oct 30 2003

Hoel Engineering Ltd releases updated website.

Hoel Engineering’s new website provides clients with rich content and detailed information.

Aug 21 2003

Hoel Engineering Ltd gains valuable traffic engineering and technology knowledge.

The recent knowledge and experiences gained by Hoel Engineering Ltd during its recent 3-year business association with the UK company, Astucia, and US based ITS traffic product marketing company, ITEM Ltd, has given the engineers at Hoel Engineering a strong basis for expanding its business offerings. ITEM Ltd has been branded as one of the most recognized names in the US. traffic delineation industry.

Jul 24 2003

Testimonial by a Client about Hoel Engineering Ltd

“It is surprising that this Victoria based engineering firm is not more recognized. We have had great success with their engineers. Our project was completed on-time and below-budget!”

Jun 01 2003

Hoel Engineering Ltd completes Overseas Traffic Consulting Contract

Hoel Engineering Ltd completes its 3-year consulting contract with the US based traffic product marketing company, ITEM Ltd. ITEM Ltd has been involved in large scale design and development and marketing of LED based traffic safety products.

Jun 06 2000

Hoel’s engineering and ISO expertise is contracted by Intelligent Traffic Engineering and Management Ltd

Hoel Engineering Ltd is contracted to provide professional engineering services to US based traffic product marketing company.

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